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Introduction to Gasp

GASP, which is located at the Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro (LNL), consists of 40 Compton suppressed hyper-pure high efficiency n-type germanium detectors (HpGe), and a 4pi calorimeter composed of 80 BGO crystals.
The detector houses a reaction chamber of 34 cm diameter where a charged particle detector array (named ISIS) composed of 40 dE-E Si-telescopes can be installed ( its efficiency for protons is = 70%).
Evaporation residues produced in the centre of GASP can be injected into the recoils mass spectrometer CAMEL for mass selection.
The coupled operation of GASP, CAMEL and ISIS gives a powerful instrument for identification and study of weak reaction channels.
The absolute photopeak efficiency of GASP at 1332 keV is about 3% but reaches = 5.8% if the BGO inner ball is removed and the 40 Ge detectors are positioned at = 20 cm from the target.
This second configuration is being used when the detection efficiency, and not the resolving power, is the relevant figure in the experiment.

For more details see the Array description